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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.)  What types of questions are asked in the interview?

The interview usually is comprised of a variety of questions ranging from current events and pop culture to your platform and fun facts about yourself (based your personal Bio that is given to the judges).  Ultimately, the judges are just wanting to get to know you and get a feeling for how you speak.  Remember to always be true to yourself and give honest answers in the interview while putting your best food forward.


2.)  What do I wear for the interview?

You should wear something that is snappy and professional that shows your personality.  You do not have to wear a formal suit—it could be pants, a skirt, or even a professional dress if you prefer.


3.)  What type of swimsuit should I wear for the Fitness and Poise Competition?

It is up to you whether to wear a one-piece or 2-piece swimsuit, both are completely acceptable.  You want to make sure whatever you choose is tasteful and not too skimpy.  Neutral-colored or clear high heel shoes usually create the best lines for your legs during this competition, but ultimately wear shoes that you walk in comfortably.  Teen contestants do not wear swimsuits, but rather have an Active Wear competition where they wear a tank top and cheer shorts.


4.)  What type of gown should I wear for the Evening Wear Competition?

Typically, most girls wear a longer (ankle or floor length) dress for this competition, but ultimately you want to wear something that represents your personality and that you are comfortable in.  Prom dresses work great for this area of competition--you don't necessarily have to have to buy anything new or expensive!


5.)  How long is the pageant?

Your participation in the pageant will be a whole day commitment.  Rehearsals begin early in the morning, followed by interviews, talent rehearsals on the stage, meal breaks, and time to get ready for the evening pageant.  The actual pageant usually ranges from 2 to 3 hours depending on the number of contestants.


6.)  Is there an opening number production?

There is usually a small opening number production with light choreography and introductions on stage that goes with the theme of the show.  You will be given more information about what to wear for this opening number as the pageant date gets closer.


7.)  Are the other girls caddy and competitive?

In our experience, the young women who participate in the Miss America Organization are, as a whole, very kind individuals with common interests and ambitions.  Many girls build wonderful friendships with fellow competitors and enjoy the experience together. 

You’ll find more girls ready and willing to offer a helping hand than those who would rather keep to themselves.


8.)  Is there an introduction or closing as part of the personal interview?

You will be introduced by a staff member as you walk in the interview room and then the judges will begin asking questions right away (no formal contestant introduction).  After the question and answer time is finished, you will be given 30 seconds to tell the judges anything else you’d like them to know (closing). Teens do not have a closing statemet.


9.)  What is a platform and how do I choose one?

The personal platform is a community service venture that you have worked on/will work on during your year as a titleholder.  Some girls are very passionate about a certain area and want to help make a difference.  For example, someone may have lost a relative to cancer and therefore has Cancer Prevention as a platform.  Or, perhaps someone sees that they can have an impact in helping obese children to get active and they form a platform around that.  There is no limit to what you can choose, but it ultimately should be something you want to be involved in and promote in your community.


10.)  What if I don’t raise all of the $100 Children’s Miracle Network donation?

Unfortunately it is a new Miss America rule that if you don’t raise the full donation, you will not be able to compete.


11.)  Should I bring food the day of the pageant?

We will be providing lunch and dinner and water bottles for all the contestants during pageant day.  Should you have special dietary needs or want snacks throughout the day, you are welcome to bring something.  You will be given more specific information about meals once we get closer to pageant day.

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